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International Licensing

Become an international partner to deliver the Water Skills for Life programme in your country. With customised design styling, language and region specific content. 

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Water Skills for Life

About Water Skills for Life

Water Skills for Life is made up of seven competency areas that contains 27 core skills, establishing broad fundamental competencies for life-long water safety.

Children are taught Water Skills for Life at their school, either by their schoolteacher or swim teacher at a community pool.

The Water Skills for Life programme helps build the capabilities of the swim teachers and schools to help them deliver water skills learning experiences for students across a broad and diverse range of abilities, ages, and cultures.

5 Years in the making

Programme Development

Water Skills for Life was developed by Water Safety New Zealand to set the national standard for aquatic education in New Zealand primary schools. It is linked into the national education curriculum and gives children the skills and knowledge they need to assess risks and make smart decisions around water.

The programme was designed by internationally renowned drowning intervention experts in collaboration with teachers, swim schools and other key life-saving services. Taking over 5 years and $500,000 to develop. Water Skills for Life is the most effective youth water survival skills training programme in the world. 

International Delivery License 

Region Specific Content

Work in collaboration with our programme developers to adapt the any of the 27 core skills to your regions specific requirements.

Brand Assets

Custom Water Skills for Life brand pack exclusive to your region. Including website and brand assets. 

E-Learning Platform

Redeveloped e-learning course video content produced in your language for exclusive use. 

Complete Solution

The International License includes all of the assets, content, materials and training required to successfully deliver the Water Skills for Life programme in your region.

Exclusive to you

Start delivering Water Skills for Life in your country. With unique programmes and pricing specific to your needs. 

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